Noodles Soup

Naruto Ramen $9.00

soy sauce based noodle soup with bamboo shoot, boiled egg scallion, dried seaweed, beansprout, fish cake and roast pork
Curry Ramen $9.00

Curry based noodle soup with fish cake, scallion, corn, bamboo shoot, boiled egg, roast pork and beansprout
Tantan Ramen $10.00

Spicy sesame sauce with fish cake minced pork, beansprout and scallion
Miso Ramen $9.00

Soy bean based noodle soup with beansprout, fish cake. Butter, roast pork boiled egg, scallion
Sura Tanmen $10.00

Soy sauce based soup with vinegar, fish cake roast pork hot oil, egg and vegetables